InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas

Infocomm, billed as the “largest professional AV tradeshow in the world”, will be here in Las Vegas this month. Conferences start on the 14th and the trade show begins on the 18th, both running through the 20th. But really, what is InfoComm? It’s an AV trade show. Does your industry use audio equipment? Do you deal with digital signage? Motion cameras? Live events? If your business is all about presenting information to consumers, then Infocomm is all about you. While the main draw of conferences has traditionally been networking and being able to see new gadgets, technology, products, or services, over the past few years much of the focus of the show producers has shifted to education. With that in mind, InfoComm is running a full 4 days of educational conferences, seminars, and talks before the gadgets part of the show kicks off. InfoComm is also offering CTS certifications, which is the only ANSI-accredited industry certification available – a plus for any AV professional’s resume, and excellent training.

InfoComm has also done an excellent job of organizing their show floor; perennial favorites each have their own section. Audio, digital signage, conferencing, lighting/staging, and security all have their own pavilions, so the majority of attendees looking for products in those areas can find what they’re looking for with ease. And two of the highlighted conferences, “Digital Signage” and “Unified Communications and Collaboration”, both tie in with the organization of the show floor.

The show is produced by InfoComm International. I’ll let their PR team take it from here:

“Established in 1939, InfoComm International has more than 5,000 members, including manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers and distributors, independent consultants, programmers, rental and staging companies, end users and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries. InfoComm International serves its members and the industry through education, including technical and business courses, in the classroom and online; resources, such as AV standards, thought pieces and market research; and events, including local roundtables and international trade shows.”

If you’re an attendee, we hope you enjoy the show! If you’re not, then you’re one of us who gets to benefit from all the collaboration, education, and sweet new products that will improve our AV experience in the future.