Lightfair International 2014

On the heels of ICSC’s RECon 2014, comes Lightfair International, a show all about architectural and commercial lighting. Sounds boring right? Maybe – but lighting is one of those things that, if done well, you might notice, if done well enough, you probably won’t notice, and if done horribly, you’ll talk about how creepy or terrible a place looks. And boy, is it easy to get lighting wrong (ever walked down a dark street at night? Creep factor turned up to 11?). Lightfair International 2014 will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 3rd-5th (pre-show conference June 1st-2nd), and this year will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. While seeming like a very specific show that wouldn’t draw too many people, Lightfair actually serves a very broad and diverse audience. Everyone from architects to engineers, urban planners to museum exhibit designers, municipal employees to distributors and wholesalers will be in attendance (loads more. Brevity is beautiful). Exhibitors are pretty much exactly who you’d expect; design firms, manufacturers, etc.

As with any modern trade show, in addition to the opportunity to see new products and network with suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and even competitors, this show offers a lot of educational opportunities as well. Our favorites, though it may sound kind of boring, are the Healthcare and Hospitality lighting forums. Bear with us. As America’s population trends towards an older average age (baby boomers), these two fields are going to be experiencing a lot of growth. A tip of the hat to Lightfair’s organizers in recognizing this trend, and giving their show attendees an educational opportunity to help them take advantage of two of America’s steadily growing industries. Of specific note are two speakers, Dr. Michael Roizen (of the Cleveland Clinic), and Dick Gephardt (former House Majority Leader), who will be on hand to discuss the future of the wellness (healthcare) industry, and the impact that this growth industry will have on the lighting industry. Like most trade shows, Lightfair is not open to the public (Sorry, lighting….enthusiasts…?), so we’ll have to wait to see the Next Big Thing in lighting until after the show.