Nightclub and Bar Show 2014

The Nightclub and Bar Show 2014 is an annual trade show featuring the latest innovations for America’s real favorite pastime: drinking and partying. The real reason we here at Big Traffic wish we could go? Adam Carolla. Shh…we’ll explain later. The Nightclub and Bar Show is held every year in Las Vegas (because, um, Vegas? Duh and/or hello?) and is rapidly growing into a staple of the industry. Held this year at the pinnacle of convention spaces, the Las Vegas Convention Center, from March 24th through March 26th, the show will host over 30,000 industry folks and over 600 exhibitors. When one hears “Nightclub and Bar Show 2014”, one would probably think: “PARTY!”. You wouldn’t be wrong, but you wouldn’t be entirely right, either. One of the many great things about the show is that they’re very interested in helping their attendees succeed in their fields, be that bartending, running a nightclub, bar, or tavern, or distributing/supplying/buying for the industry. There will be more than 70 seminars to help people build profits and give better customer service, or new products. Combined with the chance to network, learn about new things hitting the market at the 600+ booths, or take photos with the eponymous Jon Taffer (we hear posting a photo with Jon Taffer in your bar increases margins by .0125% alone), whatever investment folks made to attend the show is probably earned back multifold. For attendees pleasure, there are three curated pavilions in the exhibition hall: Emerging Brands, Craft Brewers (yum!), and New Products. With any show this size, it can be hard to find what you want to find, the pavilions make that a lot easier for attendees (and provide great exposure to the owners of the booths). Organization is key, is this is a well-organized show. Adam Carolla will be a keynote speaker, and recording a podcast at the show. He’s promoting his new product, Mangria. Please; someone, anyone, hire us part time as a bartender so we can go to this show!