We Still Believe In MAGIC Las Vegas

A year ago, this anonymous author penned (well, typed) one of his first posts for Big Traffic, about the MAGIC Las Vegas summer show in 2013. Here we are! Another year in the books, and an opportunity to look ahead at the next. The show’s purpose and basic structure have not changed this year, but MAGIC Las Vegas is still as fresh and valuable to the industry insider as ever. We’ve also discovered something about MAGIC Las Vegas this year that we didn’t know last year: MAGIC is an acronym for Men’s Apparel Guild In California. See? We knew everything good in Vegas came from our Western neighbor. To be slightly more in depth, MAGIC Las Vegas is a collection of industry shows that encompasses everything from emerging new brands/designers to mass market sourcing (production facilities) for apparel. A buyer for a boutique store can attend and get just as much information and contacts as a buyer from a huge chain department store, or even an exhibitor looking to find someone who can mass produce their designs. In fact, most exhibitors (due to the well curated management of the show) find it well worth their while to keep coming back. MAGIC remains the leading industry show for bringing all kinds of apparel and fashion people together; expected attendance this year is around 80,000.

MAGIC Las Vegas will be held from August 18th-20th (the Sourcing part of the show will be open on the 17th) and the shows under the MAGIC umbrella will be held at both the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Last year we told you about how we loved the ENKVegas show…this year, with it being blazingly hot, we’re a lot more excited about the PoolTradeShow.

Congratulations to MAGIC on being one of the biggest and best industry shows, and we can’t wait to see you again in 2015!